Are you a male? Are you having difficulties getting any erection and you don’t know what to do? We have the solution for you and it’s called Kamagra oral jelly. This is a solution for the treatment of male article dysfunction. The main active ingredient is sildenafil and while most men have not heard of this, it can be life changing for many. This solution works by increasing blood flow of the penis. It’s active ingredients are similar to that of viagra, but should not be used if you are taking organic nitrates for heart problems or if you have serious heart problems. It is always recommended you consult with a doctor prior to usage. Drinking alcohol can temporality impair the ability to get an erection so to get the best result using the medication; it is recommended you do not drink large amounts of alcohol. It is also important to always read all of the fine print on the bottle and to be sure you are following all guidelines.

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Like most other medication you may take; it is important to be aware of the side effects while using this medication. Be aware of any type of allergic reaction, chest pain or irregular heartbeat, swelling of the ankles or legs, shortness of breath, prolonged or severe dizziness, prolonged or painful erections lasting more than 4 hours or dizziness, nausea or pain/tightness in the chest or arms. Other less serious side effects that are more likely to occur are flushing, mild dizziness, headache, nasal congestion, diarrhea, itching or rash and several other side effects so it is extremely important you consult your doctor if there is are unusual or odd behaviors.

The typical recommended dose is 50mg and men are told to take it as needed, approximately 1 hour before any sexual activity. Depending on a person’s tolerance and the effectiveness of the dosage; the dose may need to be increased or decreased. The maximum recommended dose is 100mg and the maximum effect occurs between 30 and 120 minutes of taking the dose. It is rapidly absorbed into your body. It is important to only store Kamagra oral jelly at room temperature. If you have any concerns or questions regarding why please consult a doctor to get the best answers. Each case is different and will differ based on what their results and goals are.

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You are probably wondering where can you get this miracle medication. It’s easy and you don’t even have to live your house to get it. This medication can be bought online from Australia. It comes in packs, which effects the cost of a single pill price hence the more in a pack; the less expensive it is per pill. It starts at $56.23 for a pack of 10 pills and goes up to $196.84 for a pack of 50 pills. There are two different delivery options: AirMail World Wide and EMS World Wide. AirMail World Wide delivery will take 2-3 business weeks and there is no tracking available for this option. There is free shipping on ay orders over $200. Otherwise it is $9.95 for anything under $200. EMS World Wide is the fastest available option and you will receive a tracking id and can take anywhere from 3-8 business days. They offer free shipping on any orders over $300 and anything under will cost $19.95.

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