To most men, there’s nothing more embarrassing than erectile dysfunction or the inability to perform in the time of need. But one common scenario we tend to forget about is one that is all too common in men; the ability to perform, but too quickly. There’s nothing worse than going on a date that starts off great and ends with you and your partner back at your place, only to find that the excitement build up leads to a quick one to two minute interaction that leaves you embarrassed and your partner disappointed. If you’re tired of this same scenario playing over and over, I have an answer for you, and it is Priligy. This new drug is not only effective in treating premature ejaculation, or “PE”, it is cost friendly, easy to take and requires no prescription here in Australia.

Buy Priligy in Australia

Here’s a little information about Priligy to fill you in on how this drug can greatly impact your sex life for the better. Priligy is composed of an active ingredient known as “Dapoxetine”. This drug was created as an anti-depressant, but is rapidly absorbed in the body and is ineffective. However, it serves another purpose for adult males ages 18-64. So how does it work? Dapoxetine has an effect on Serotonin, increasing it’s action which delays sexual sensitivity and ejaculation. Simply put, Dapoxetine slows things down, relaxes your nerves and allows you to enjoy the ride for much longer.

So who should take it, how, and when? Priligy is designed for use in healthy adult males, ages 18-64. You should only take Priligy if you suffer from premature ejaculation caused by stress, anxiety or just naturally not being able to last as long as you prefer. Priligy is a pill that should be taken 1-3 hours before intercourse. Priligy will allow for greater control of your performance and ultimately enhance the experience for both you and your partner. So simply put, have a dosage ready to go for dinner, casually take it orally before or during your meal, then enjoy the rest of your night!

I’m sure you would also like to know of any side effect, and like any drug, there are some. Possible side effects include slight dizziness, mild headache, dry mouth and in some cases insomnia. While not common, if these side effects occur it is recommended that you stop using Priligy and consult a physician. Men with heart failure or a pacemaker should not use Priligy.

Lucky for you, Priligy does not require a subscription here in Australia. No more embarrassing doctor visits or trips to the pharmacy. Now you can order Priligy online and have it delivered to your home, eliminating the addition of more people into your personal life. There are plenty of reputable sellers online that will not only deliver to your home, but will do so discretely. Average cost per pill is around $3, giving you about a months supply for less than $100, depending on how active you are.

So if you’re tired of great dates turning into embarrassing nights, turn to Priligy. It’s easy to use, cost effective, and requires no prescription here in Australia. Say goodbye to uncomfortable situations and hello to happy endings!

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